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Mobile-calendar is an application designed for people who run small and medium-sized tourist facilities. The system helps in efficient and fast booking accommodations. Graphic Designer is intuitive and easy to use. It does not require installing additional applications, everything is available on the website.

mobile app


It works on different devices, systems and web browsers.


Adjusts to every device. Working on the calendar with the use of a small tablet or smartphone is not a problem.

Saves time

The application saves time previously spent on manual creation of reservation calendars.

Eases work

Taking bookings on the phone gives great comfort, saves time and gives full control over the management of the resort.



Customer database

When adding new bookings, it automatically creates a customer’s base.

Term finder

Enter the search terms and the app will show you a free room.


Generate reports of the arrivals and departures of the day.


The application contains an invoicing module for the clients.

Page widget

Checking free terms on your website by customers.


Based on the book added to generate statistical reports and cash.

Booking export

At any time you can export the reservations to a file and have them on your hard drive.

Deadline for the prepayment

The application remembers your term deposit payment for the booking.

Price list

Ability to configure individual pricing for the building and rooms.

Copy the book

Quick copy reservation for group arrivals.

Bed types

The distinction between types of beds in various types in the room.

Booking finder

The application is equipped with a dynamic reservation search engine.

Confirmation sender

Order confirmations via e-mail to the customer.

Calculation of payments

Automatic conversion of debts to pay.

Booking transfer

Possibility to transfer the booking to another room.

Room sorting

Filtration of rooms by type and number of people.

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