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The mobile-calendar is a programme for managing reservations for facility owners. The simplicity of use and a variety of functions aids the management of both small and large touristic facilities. This programme can be used in various types of accommodations i.e. pensions, agrotouristic, apartments, private rooms, guesthouses, hotels, hostels, summer houses, camping places, resorts and many more. This App helps the user to manage their work 24/7 regardless of their location. The App is accessible through the Internet browser. It is also compatible with the Android and iOS systems and is, therefore, usable on the phone devices. It can be used simultaneously on multiple devices i.e. PC, phone, tablet. All time-consuming and wearisome activities can now be dealt with comfortably and conveniently thanks to the mobile-calendar.com.

Types of facilities compatible with mobile-calendar

Application is compatible with pensions, apartments, hotels, summer houses, private rooms...





The simplest booking program


This App is for all those who work in the hotel industry, for the owners and employees alike. It does not matter whether you are running a hotel, pension, summer houses, private rooms or apartments – this App always works! The App allows the user to add miscellaneous types of facilities and rooms and lets you filter through them, which proves very helpful in hybrid facilities.


Managing a facility

Booking list

The booking log contains all reservations saved in the system. This panel allows you to edit, delete or restore cancelled bookings. You can also sort, filter or quick search for bookings. The colours are always related to the payment status of any given reservation.

Booking export

The export option allows the User to make a back-up of all previously entered data. It only requires the User to specify the desired period of time for which the back-up is to be created, and the file will be of .csv extension (Excel and Calc). It can be directly downloaded onto private data storage device.

Booking search engine

Thanks to the search engine, you are able to quickly find any desired booking. You can search by phone or reservation number, name or surname, and the system will swiftly provide you with the outcomes, which, of course, you are further able to sort according to your needs.

Copying bookings

More often than not, it happens than one client books more than one room. In such a case, no need for any exhausting and annoying manual rewriting, as the system allows you to copy any already existing booking data onto another room!

Group booking

When it comes to large resorts which very often receive the package tour guests, the option of group booking has been particularly created for them. It is a tool that allows the User to make only one reservation for multiple rooms at the same time. Further addition or deletion of rooms is possible as well.

Transfering booking

When it comes to large resorts which very often receive the package tour guests, the option of group booking has been particularly created for them. It is a tool that allows the User to make only one reservation for multiple rooms at the same time. Further addition or deletion of rooms is possible as well.

Available date search

If you have multiple rooms and reservations, finding available dates and rooms may be tricky. But thanks to the quick search, the User does not have to check the availability on their own. Just go for the ‘Find available date’ button and the App will provide all available rooms for any given period of time.

The due date of a deposit

The App will remember about the payments too. During adding/editing of the booking, the User can enter the date of all payments due. Whenever time is up, the booking will lit up as red.

Client database

The App stores all data. It is especially useful when the guests visit the resort more than once. The User can find the client by their personal data. One important feature implemented for the down-to-earth management are two labels for both ‘regular’ and ‘unwanted’ customers. Further information about all previous reservations and payments can be found in the detailed tab of the customer.

Sending confirmation

The App can send booking confirmation e-mails. This feature has a few existing templates which can be further modified to fit the User’s preferences.

Printing the schedule

If the User need a printed out version of the schedule, there is the function of a quick print directly from the App panel.

Calculating a deposit

The App calculates the amount of deposit on the basis of the overall cost of stay. It can be either a percentage of the sum or a fixed amount.

Employee module

The App offers an Employee Module. The User can create employee accounts for its personnel. They are always connected with the main account. The User of the main account may enable the employees to access certain functionalities of the reservation and calendar system. This Module also gives the User the ability to monitor employees’ activity. The multiposition version may turn out to be invaluable tool for resorts with large personnel.


The ‘Arrivals/Departures’ function provides the User with information about which rooms are to be prepared for the arrival of guests, and which ones should be taken care of after their departure. This function also features the possibility to print-out this information, which can directly be passed on to the cleaning personnel.

Widget for your website

Widget? What is it? A widget is a graphic element, which in this case, is a tiny little window where the User’s clients themselves may search for available dates. The mobile-calendar App allows the User to place a widget on their www page. It is generated on the basis of the User’s calendar. Thanks to this, any prospective client can obtain all necessary information i.e. date, room type, no. of people, no. of rooms without the need to contact the resort.

Room filtering

Room filtering is a very simple tool. A single click can change the view of the calendar and sort all data according to the type of the room, no. of possible guests, etc.


The API tool has been created for all people connected with the IT. The REST API allows the User to download all data concerning bookings and clients. This occurs through the API key.

Invoice module

Efficient invoice system is an inseparable part of any company. The App features an Invoice Module. The invoice can be generated directly from the reservation system where all necessary information can be found.


The App can also generate statistics. Amongst many others, the User can browse through turnover by rooms or the entire facility. Various time periods and occupancy rates are also shown in suitable charts.

Price list

The price list generates the due amount during adding new/editing reservation. Length of stay, price/weekend price, no. of people are all taken into account when calculating this amount. There is also a ‘fixed price regardless of no. of guests’ option. The User can also change the prices of rooms individually or set one for multiple.

Types of beds

The App differentiates between the types of beds too. With this option, the prospective client can check what kinds of beds the rooms are furnished with. This has been particularly useful for hostels.

Renting rooms?

This App is all you need!

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