The Affiliate Program

Free Mobile-calendar? It is possible thanks to our Affiliate Program! Learn more and become our business partner

What is the Affiliate Program?

In the Affiliate Program you collect points for recommending the mobile-calendar app to new users. The points can be exchanged for free subscription. The new users will receive a discount on subscription.

Your unique link

You can recommend the app by sending new users a link assigned to your account


Embed a generated banner into your website

Social media

Share on facebook, instagram, twitter and other social media


How does the Affiliate Program work?

Clear and simple terms of use

  • You share your unique link with a friend
  • Your friend receives a discount on subscription purchase
  • You receive points for the purchase made on your recommendation
  • You exchange points for free subscription
Free subscription

The user may exchange points for free scubscription

Discount for the buyer

Thanks to your recommendation link the new user receives a discount

What can you gain?

You receive 35% on the subscription purchased with the use of your reccomendation link. The new user receives a discount on the purchased subscription.

Terms of service

How to start?

Participating in the Affiliate Program is very simple.

Log in

Go to the Affiliate Program tab.

Generate a code

The system has generated your unique code


You can send the code to your friends or share it on social media

Collect points

You receive points for every purchase made with your code

Would you like to be our partner and earn money on sales?

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can see frequently asked questions regarding the Affiliate Program.
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Log into and go to the Affiliate Program tab. You can see the details there.

The app can be recommended to anybody. It can be shared on social media or be embedded into your website. You may also share the link on forums in accordance with their terms of use.

Only business partners can exchange points for money. The user can exchange points for days of subscription.

You must become mobile-calendar business partner. Contact us at: