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Online booking system

Embed booking engine into your website and rent accommodation directly from your website. Use a modern sales method for your accommodation.

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Online booking system

Why should you choose our booking engine?

Using our system allows for increase in sales thanks to the ability to book rooms directly from your website. No need to employ additional staff to manage bookings.


System is encrypted and has PCI DSS certificate.

Safe Secure
Low commission

Avoid high commission from other systems, decrease the costs of booking management.

Smart Flexible
Reliable support

Having problems embedding the widget into your website? Our customer service staff will do it for free.

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How does the booking system work?

Online booking system is a tool that allows for room booking right from the accommodation's webpage. It increases sales as it is available 24/7 in various languages and currencies. It allows the customer to get look up your offer and rooms.

How to start?

Booking engine setup creator will show you step by step how to enable the service.

Set up an offer

Add pictures and room descriptions. You can add extra services as well.

Add prices

Price list is simple and intuitive. In just a couple minutes you can set prices for the whole year.

Embed into your webpage

3 lines of code enable the system on your webpage.

Rent online

The system is ready to use. It is based on your calendar's available dates.

How much does the booking engine cost?

The online booking system is based on commission. The only payment is the commission for made bookings. In case of no bookings you don't pay a dime. It's an honest system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can see frequently asked questions regarding the online booking system.
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Booking engine is free in every subscription plan.

Yes, the system is available on our webpage. All you have to do is to provide your client with a link or post it on e.g. facebook. Our company also designs websites, just contact us.

Yes, the system is available in multiple languages. The accommodation can be rented in various currencies.

Yes, the booking widget can be embeded into any HTML site.

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