Two-way synchronization

No overbooking

Saves times


Facilitates work

No need to login into Extranet

Synchronisation with

Thanks to a direct and two-way real time data exchange with, your work can be fully automated. You will not have to input availability or download reservations from manually – mobile-calendar will do that for you. The pricelist and restrictions from the Extranet are automatically copied into our app. You can manage the sale of your accommodation from the mobile-calendar app. The synchronisation includes the reservation import, availability export as well as prices and restrictions:

No overbooking
Saves time through automatic availability settings and reservation download
Optimizes the sales of accommodation
Manages all reservations in one place
Simplicity of use(like in Extranet)


Automatic download of reservations.


Sending availabilities, prices and restrictions from


The app automatically synchronizes with the Google calendar and the mobile app.


Mobile-calendar automatises the synchronisation process – you do not have to do anything! Remember about adding prices and restrictions.


Simplify your work by managing all of your reservations in one place!


The connection between mobile-calendar and is only 4 easy steps.

How does the connection work?

Real-time synchronisation

Connection configuration

Establishing the connection between your calendar and is only 4 steps. Choosing channel manager, mapping the rooms, pricelist configuration and turning the sync on.

Reservation import

Reservation import is performed every minute to minimize the risk of overbooking. We receive new, edited and cancelled reservations.

Availability rate export

Based on the available accommodation in the calendar, the availability is sent. Adding, editing or cancelling reservation initiates the export process

Price export and restrictions

The pricelist in mobile-calendar is a reflection of your pricelist in the Extranet. You can set prices and restrictions.


After each operation of sending or downloading data from you will get a notification.

Issue management

If a data transfer mistake occurs, you are immediately notified as well as you are sent an additional notice.

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