Automate your work. From now on you won't need to copy reservations made by nor set room availability. The app will do it for you.

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Why should you use synchronisation?

Thanks to direct, bilateral and real-time data exchange with your work may be automated. You won't need to set available dates or copy bookings from - mobile-calendar will do it for you!

Simple connection synchronisation setup wizard will lead you step by step.

No overbooking

The app sets availability based on your booking calendar.

Save time

Thanks to synchronisation you don't have to copy bookings or put rooms up for rent.

Facilitates work

Everything occurs automatically, the user has to set only prices and restrictions.

Helps with accommodation management

Manage your bookings in just one app.

Simple to use

The app was designed to make synchronisation a breeze.

How does the connection work?

Start to cooperate with a company that will provide you with everything you need to increase your accommodation's sales and save you time.

Automatic import

When a reservation is made on it is automatically copied to the calendar.

Automatic export

When you enter a new booking to the calendar, the date is blocked on In case you edit or delete the booking the date is available again.

Price list setup

You set prices and restrictions only on mobile-calendar. No need to log to Extranet.


After every synchronisation you receive a notification about the status of the operation, data downloaded or sent.

Synchronisation reservations synchronise with OTA portals and the unavailable dates are blocked automatically.

Mobile application

All mobile app changes are reflected on Prices and restrictions can also be set just like in the appPulse. synchronisation

How to enable the connection?

Synchronisation includes booking import and availability, prices and restrictions export. Connection setup takes 4 simple steps. Selecting channnel manager; connecting rooms; setting prices and enabling synchronisation.

Connection setup

Connection setup wizard will lead you step by step. You're only 4 simple steps away from automating your work.

Price list setup

Price list is set up the same way as on All price plans are downloaded directly to mobile-calendar.

Booking import

Bookings that were made by before the connection was established must be downloaded in order to manage them.

Enabling synchronisation

Enabling connection is just one click away. connection details can be found here:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can see frequently asked questions regarding integration.
Still got more questions? Contact us synchronisation is available in subscription plan Pro Plus and Pro Plus+.

Yes, this function is only available with a subscription Pro Plus+. You don't have to buy many subscriptions to connect multiple accounts from booking. data download includes:

  • Rooms
  • Bookings and customer data base
  • Price lists data upload includes:

  • Room availability
  • Prices and restrictions

Data synchronisation occurs in real-time, after every change(e.g. after a booking is added). Reservations made on are imported every minute.