iCalendar synchronisation

Synchronise bookings from various OTA portals. Automate your work and save time usually spent on managing your bookings.

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Why synchronise iCal?

iCal integration allows for booking data exchange between OTA portals(e.g. Airbnb, Expedia etc.). iCal blocks dates on all portals simultaneously, so that you don't have to enter data into each and every portal.

Simple integration

Copy links from mobile-calendar, paste them into OTA portals and vice versa.


Rent rooms on multiple portals simultaneously.

Save time

Thanks to synchronisation you don't have to manually download bookings or put up your rooms for rent.

How does the OTA portals connection work

How does the iCal files connection work?

Mobile-calendar downloads calendars from OTA portals. OTA portals download booking calendars from mobile-calendar through the pasted link. That's how data exchange occurs. Everything happens automatically.

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How to enable the connection?

Booking synchronisation, import and export. Setting up the connection is very simple. Just copy and paste links.

iCal tab

In order to start the set up, log in and go to Synchronisations > iCal

Calendar import

To import a calendar you must paste its link from e.g. Airbnb.

Calendar export

Go to the OTA portal(e.g. Airbnb) and paste a link from mobile-calendar. Your mobile-calendar bookings will be imported.


Calendar synchronisation occurs automatically every 10 minutes or by pressing a button.

iCal synchronisation details can be found here:

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Having problems conncting iCal?

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can see frequently asked questions regarding iCal integration.
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iCal synchronisation is available in subscription plan Pro Plus and Pro Plus+.

Yes, you can connect unlimited number of calendars from OTA portals to one room.

iCal format is very simple, the exchanged data includes arrival date, departure date and name. iCal format doesn't allow for broader data exchange.

Data synchronisation occurs every 10 minutes. Synchronisation can also be done by clicking the sync button.